Who are your Heroes and How do they Guide You?

When is the last time you let your heroes guide you? Now that you are an adult with responsibilities and deadlines, are you still allowing yourself to be inspired by heroes? Growing up, my heroes were a big part of my life. I ate my meat and vegetables because I...

Helping Your Loved One with Self-Esteem

Helping your Loved One with Self-Esteem “How can I make my child or significant other believe he or she is beautiful, wonderful, and talented?” Ask many parents and spouses with whom I work. It can be frustrating, sad, and discouraging when someone you love can’t see...

What Climate do you Live in?

What is the climate of your life and your family’s life? Climate is the average weather of a place. It includes precipitation, temperature, humidity, wind, and seasons. Shifts in climate create weather patterns and weather patterns impact a broad range of aspects of...

My Approach to Therapy

I grew up between cultures and this influences how I am as a therapist. I want to get to know your culture as an individual or as a family and then help you make meaningful change that fits with your philosophies and beliefs. I combine practical suggestions to help...





Meet Amy Madson

When faced with a challenge, we can either live with it, find new coping skills, or make changes. As a therapist with a broad education and unique skill set, I am well-positioned to help you, your child, and your family develop new ways of facing challenges.

I have experience working as a licensed marriage and family therapist, am a fellow in the Association for Music and Imagery, and also as a board-certified music therapist. I also have extensive training in music and imagery techniques. I have worked in private practice with tweens, adolescents, adults, and older adults using psychotherapy, creative arts therapy, and music therapy. I have presented at conferences, published articles in my field, and supervised interns. I feel it is important to keep up to date on new developments in my field and very much enjoy doing so. I have worked in many levels of care, ranging from inpatient through outpatient, and I have worked in many settings, including: nonprofits, treatment centers, and schools.

Amy Madson, MA LMFT BT-BC

Amy Madson, LMFT FAMI

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