Being a parent is hard. It’s hard when things are going well because there are logistics to coordinate, illnesses to comfort, school, and then your own life. It gets even harder when you are asked to pit your needs against your kids.’ This happens to all parents and it is such a balancing act. Maybe you have a sick kid but your monthly ladies’ night has come up and you really need some social time. Maybe you need a break from doing bedtime, but your child is only letting you put them to bed and not your partner. Or maybe you need to separate from your partner but that would mean inflicting hurt on your child. That is so hard.

Children are resilient and need you to be the best parent you can be. Whether that is taking a break even though your child is asking you to stay, getting in social time even though there is pressure at home to stay, or separating from a troubled relationship.

Of course, there is a balance to all of this. Console your child when you can, do bedtimes when you can, work through your troubled relationship if it is possible. However, know that your child is resilient and needs you to be your best self as much as possible. If burnout, loneliness, or difficult relationships are causing you to lose touch with your best self, try to find a middle ground and give yourself permission to honor your needs.