“We can only be as good as the image we have for ourselves”
– Adrienne Langelier

A few years ago, the best image I had for myself was “overwhelmed mom.” I still can’t decide if I needed to think of myself that way to be accepting of my state or if I could have been happier if I had a different image of myself.

Since then, I have worked hard to expand my image of myself to someone who has space to be a mom AND a friend, therapist, and musician, and from someone overwhelmed to someone who can be loving, joyful, creative, and vibrant. (As well as, of course, jealous, frustrated, tired, etc.) Maintaining an expansive image is hard. My own negative tapes like to come in and try to shrink it. (“You’re doing too much! You can’t nurture all parts of yourself! Etc.)

Because I’m creative and think in images, I make vision boards to remind myself that I can have a broad, successful image for myself. I try to do this once a quarter or more so that I can keep my image of myself person, expansive, and true to myself and my circumstances (such as my schedule, my commitments to activities, and my family’s needs.) I often add song lyrics to my board.

My board helps me notice where I’m getting stuck in a poor image of myself and how I can grow into the image of my best self. What’s your image of your best self? Where in your life does your image of yourself limit your potential, and how can you shift it?