How do you want to show up in 2018?

Last year my words were true and fabulous. This year, I am letting wise, strong, and loving guide me. A coach I have worked with (Michelle Stimpson — helped me cultivate a practice where I choose a word (or three) to guide me through the new year. I love reflecting on why I chose what word and have thrived using my word to help guide my personal development.

When choosing a word, don’t worry if it is mundane (mine was almost right-sizing) or more flashy that you are typically (I don’t typically strive to Be fabulous.) Let your word help you reclaim part of you that has been lost in the shuffle or even cultivate something brand new within yourself. You word can be something you lean on as you work to find your best you.

Want to Share Your Word? Interested in personal/family work, joining a group, or attending a workshop? Let’s get started!

If your word has to do with taking back your life from a difficult person or environment,
“Stop Walking on Eggshells”  may contain some helpful tips. The full title is Stop Walking on Eggshells: Taking back your life when someone you care about has borderline personality disorder.
 This book can apply to managing relationships with difficult people you care about even if they are not formally diagnosed with borderline personality disorder or do not show all signs of this personality disorder. Much of the book is about setting boundaries, honoring what you can change for yourself and what is out of your area of control, how to manage expectations when you love someone with a difficult personality, and how to make decisions about your relationship. This book is particularly helpful for many of my clients who are gaining skills around managing relationships with difficult parents.

If your word has to do more with embracing yourself (and you are a mother), Mothering with Courage: The mindful approach to becoming a mom who listens more, worries less, and loves deeply by Bonnie Compton is worth putting on your list. I facilitated a session at the Twin Cities Birth and Baby Expo where someone asked, “What if I just really enjoy being a mother?” Embracing motherhood is not easy for all of us, but if it is for you, this book may be just the support you need to affirm yourself as a mother. If you have some enjoyment of motherhood but feel bombarded by shoulds, mom guilt, etc. This book may be just the ticket to helping you embrace your authentic self as a mother.

Group Offerings for December-June 2018

Difficult Parent Groups for the 1st half of 2018:
Group for adults who grew up with difficult parents who are tires of second guessing themselves, sick of never feeling good enough, frustrated with tough relationships and struggle with setting boundaries.Difficult Parents Group, Section 1
    Meets Fridays from 12:15-1:45
    There are currently 2 openings in this group
Difficult Parent Group, Section 2
     Meets Every Other Saturday from 8:15-9:45
     There are 6 currently openings in this group
Music Therapy Group for Tweens

Pending enough interest, I will offer a group for tweens where they present songs (either live or recorded) and talk about their meaning in their lives and discuss how it relates to their lives and big questions, like “what’s normal?” It will also be geared on learning social skills and building coping skills/friendship skills. (Ages 10-14). The day will be based on availability of interested participants. The capacity for this group is 6 group members. Please contact me to indicate interest or learn more.
LMFT Supervision

I continue to have space to take on LMFT supervisees and have 6 openings in a supervision group that meets every other Saturday from 12-2.
Workshops for January-June 2018
February – Letting Go Workshop

March – Intentional Parenting Workshop

April – Goddess Archetype Imagery Workshop

May – Reclaiming Joy: Vision Board & Music Imagery Workshop

Each workshop is 90 minutes, open to a maximum of 6 candidates, and the cost is $60. Please email me at to learn more, clarify the logistics, or reserve your spot.