I offer group therapy, individual therapy, and family therapy. I am qualified to act as a primary therapist or an adjunct therapist who provides services, including music therapy and guided imagery in music, that augment the treatment you are already receiving from another provider.

I offer services for the following people:

  • Tweens and Teens
  • Adult Daughters of Difficult Parents
  • Difficult Parents Group
  • Parents who are Parenting without a Map
  • Helping and healthcare professionals

I offer the following modalities for treatment:

  • Psychotherapy in my office (60 or 90 minutes)
  • Family & Couples Therapy
  • Group therapy
    • I am currently forming a cohort for Difficult Parents Group Summer 2019
      Online Services through HIPPA-compliant secure video
    • Individual therapy for 25 or 60-minute appointments with a focus on homework and concrete exercises for making change.
  • The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery in Music

Individual Therapy

I offer individual therapy for adults, adolescents, and tweens. I offer traditional therapy and also therapy that integrates music therapy and creative arts. As a board-certified music therapist and Fellow in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery, I have tools to integrate imagery, music, and the creative arts into our work. I am also a supervised member of the Postpartum Support of Minnesota Group and am comfortable working with individuals and families affected by postpartum mood disorders

Group & Workshops

Staying Grounded When Triggered by Difficult Parents will be offered at my office on 6/27 from 6:30-8:30 PM. It will offer strategies, provide opportunities for self-reflection, and have time for group discussion around this topic. This workshop is suitable for anyone over 18 who is affected by difficult parents who may be triggered when interacting directly with their parents, interacting with partners and loved ones, or finding it difficult to set boundaries and stay emotionally regulated due to growing up with difficult parents. People who are interested can RSVP by 6/20 by emailing me at or contact me here. The cost to attend is $25. Space is limited.

Relationship & Family Therapy

I enjoy working with families looking to improve their functioning. My family sessions include working with the whole family, subsystems such as only the children or only the parents, and I also consider extended family members if they are impacted. My family sessions range in length from 45 minutes to two hours per session.


I offer individual, dyadic, and group supervision for people pursuing LMFT licensure in Minnesota. I am an MN board-approved supervisor and am actively working toward becoming an AAMFT-approved supervisor.


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