Who are your mothering guides? How do you want to show up? What reflective practices will bring you closer to showing up the way you want?

I’m fortunate that I love what I do and strongly believe in practicing what I preach. Through my own personal work, imagery, and coaching, I’ve developed a practice of reflection that focuses on me determining how I want to show up as a parent. I’ve decided that I want to be a mom that comes from problems in a grounded, loving, but firm manner.

One of my mothering guides is the mother dinosaur in the Land Before Time, and I try to bring up her image when I’m struggling to approach parenting from that grounded, loving, but firm manner. Through watching her and other mothering guides, I have recognized that I want to show up filled up through my own self-care practices, invested in my child but not overly attached to their behaviors (I can’t control those), and wanting to support my child from a stance of love, compassion, and peacefulness. Of course, I’m not perfect in my approach. When I mess up, I try to use the mother dinosaur image to practice self-compassion and acceptance in order to continue to stay present instead of beating myself up.

If you want help clarifying how you want to show up as a parent, email me at amy@amymadson.org to schedule a free 20-minute phone call to get you started.