“Toxic” is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days. People detox from food, social media, etc. Sometimes when a word gets thrown around like this, it loses its power. It becomes diluted. That, in turn, can make it so that when our environment does become toxic, we fail to acknowledge it. We live with it because we are acclimated to it, or because it is easier (less effort and less scary) than making a change, or because we don’t think we deserve better.

My kids have a beta fish whose tank if often cloudy. Leonardo the fish doesn’t seem to really mind. He is used to it. However, when I change the water, his tank is clear and it seems greatly improved. His lifespan and quality of life probably dramatically increase with a clean tank. Of course, to get to a clean tank, he needs to endure some major upheaval. We have to catch him in a net, place him in a cup, and then pour him back in once his tank has been cleaned.

My invitation to you today is to take a moment to examine your tank or environment. If you were my fish Leonardo, would you be living in a toxic tank? What upheaval would you need to endure in order to get to a healthier environment?

In my own life, I metaphorically clean my tank by checking in with myself on the following: (1) what societal myths am I buying into that I need to redefine for myself, (2) am I making enough time for those I love and who are supportive, including: my husband, my family, and my friends, (3) am I taking the time to care for myself physically, spiritually, and emotionally, and (4) do I have enough help and enough of a schedule in place to allow me to live my healthiest version of myself. I try to do this checklist once a week so that I can make any changes that need to be made based on my schedule, commitments, etc.

I am more than happy to work with your or a loved on helping to make a plan for cleaning your tank and living your healthiest version of you.